Pulverizador de gatillo industrial, 28/410, FBOG 278 mm, a rosca, blanco/rojo, dosis 0.75 ml, PP

Industrial trigger sprayer, 28/410, FBOG 278 mm, screw on white/red, dosage 0.75 ml, PP

Código: 102460

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Características principales del producto
Código 102460
Tamaño del cuello 28/410
Tipo de cuello A rosca
Peso 26 g
Longitud del tubo de inmersión 278 mm
Ámbito de uso Químico
Material PP
Color Blanco, Rojo
Collar Acanalado
Descripción detallada
Producto excedente
This 28/410 neck size trigger sprayer provides reliable and comfortable dosage. Before trigger sprayer purchase be sure to pair it with a bottle with the same screw on neck type. In all cases, we recommend you to test the product to ensure that it is dispensing the fluid properly. Whether paired with an existing or newly purchased bottle, it’s worth testing to see if the trigger sprayer fits perfectly, doesn’t drip, doesn’t leak. This trendy white, red trigger sprayer can be paired with white, transparent bottles as well. This trigger sprayer has 278 mm dip tube length, but we can offer it with shorter dip tube. Our dip tube cutting service is available at extra cost. Thanks to the ribbed collar it can easily screw on the bottle. According to field of use this item is perfect for household chemical products. It has 2 types of sprayer pattern. Able to dose in one stream and able to atomize as well.